Online content to engage, retain, and support your students

Charlie Academy’s career-prep and leadership courses are easy-to-implement solutions that offer your students the content they need and want.

With a rise in gap years and dwindling college enrollment rates, there’s a new demand for educators to create relevant and innovative ways to engage and support students.  

Students are savvy. They want essential skills that prepare them for their future—whatever their goals are. They want schools that offer a high return on investment. And they want a sense of connection—whether that’s online or on campus. 

But with tight budgets and limited time, it’s tough to create content that fosters a sense of belonging and helps students develop skills for real success.  

Charlie Academy content is an easy solution! 

Every single Charlie Academy course has something I can use in a weekly lecture. And the student groups who have experienced the Charlie Academy content are flexible, cohesive, and able to adapt in ways I haven’t seen before with previous cohorts.

Erin Simunds, Instructor Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Online content developed with your students and program in mind.

Created by an expert team of authors, educators, instructional specialists, researchers, and industry practitioners, Charlie Academy’s career-prep and leadership course suite is designed to:

Architecting Goals

Be a ready-made resource for online, in-person, or hybrid learning experiences

Be a ready-made resource
The Art of Feedback

Fit into any curricular or co-curricular program

Fit into your program
Architecting Goals

Allow easy access to courses via the Charlie Academy platform or your own course-delivery system (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, etc.)

Allow easy accessibility
Communicating with Purpose

Meet the needs of the next generation with practical skill-based content that prepares them for personal and professional success

Meet students’ real skill needs

Serving students on campus or online with excellence and ongoing innovation is our highest priority. Charlie Academy offers the career-prep and leadership courses that support our efforts to recruit, retain, and graduate students well-equipped to succeed in the vocations in which they are called.

President Brian Friedrich, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN

Competency-based material that’s ready to use.

Charlie Academy content is an excellent addition to:
  • Student Leadership Trainings and Programs 
  • First-year Seminars 
  • Student Employment 
  • Career Centers 
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services 
  • Athletics and Student Clubs 
  • Residence Life Education and Programs 
  • Wellness Centers 
  • Academic Course Supplementation 
  • Living and Learning Communities 

Your students will experience immediate value.

Charlie Academy materials offer practical techniques that students can apply to any area of life.

Every course package includes:

  • Online course with downloadable workbook
  • Skill assessment
  • Discussion guide

Students can showcase their skills.

On our platform or through your own badging system, students can earn and showcase skill completion with digital badges.

Charlie Academy is designed for you!

The Charlie Academy Team can help you create a solution that works within your budget and supports your specific content needs. It’s easy!
Charlie Academy is designed for you! The Charlie Academy team can help you customize a solution that works within your budget and supports the skill needs of your interns. It’s easy!

Have a conversation.

Tell us about your needs and take a tour of the Charlie Academy course suite.

Design the subscription package that’s just right.

We create a package that’s just right for your program and budget, then help you access or install your courses.

Your students win!

Your students get access to the content that helps them thrive and succeed—no matter what their goals are.

Need to see Charlie Academy on the ground?

Check out how one of our featured partners, Concordia St. Paul, uses Charlie Academy.