Online skills-based content for your interns

Charlie Academy’s short, ready-made courses are easy onboarding or on-the-job training solutions for your interns.

The interns who truly succeed and contribute to the workplace have specific essential skills like communication, collaboration, time management, goal-setting, and more. 

But most interns don’t show up with these skills on the first day. 

You know that giving them the opportunity to develop critical workplace competencies is key, but who has the time to create on-the-job training that’s relevant and specific for this next generation?

Charlie Academy’s online courses can be your one-stop solution—setting up your interns and organization for success!

Online content developed with your interns and program in mind.

Created by an expert team of authors, educators, instructional specialists, researchers, and industry practitioners, Charlie Academy’s career-prep and leadership course suite is designed to:

Students listening to instructor

Help you select the exact courses you need for your onboarding and training program.

Fit into your specific program
Interns collaborating together

Get your interns quickly up to speed with practical skill-building.

Meet interns' real skill needs
Architecting Goals

Allow easy access to courses via the Charlie Academy platform or your own course-delivery system.

Allow easy accessibility

All course material is ready for your interns to use in self-paced or cohort training.

Charlie Academy materials offer practical techniques that interns can apply to any area of life.

Every course package includes:

  • Online course with downloadable workbook
  • Skill assessment
  • Discussion guide

Charlie Academy users say it best… 

Design a solution that works within your budget.

The Charlie Academy team can help you design a solution that works within your budget to support the skill needs of your interns. It’s easy!

Charlie Academy is designed for you! The Charlie Academy team can help you customize a solution that works within your budget and supports the skill needs of your interns. It’s easy!

Have a conversation.

Tell us about your program and take a guided tour of the Charlie Academy course suite.

Design the subscription package that’s just right.

We create a package that’s just right for your training needs and budget, then help you access or install your courses.

Your interns (and organization) win!

Your interns get access to the right content (whenever, wherever!) to develop essential skills.

Let Charlie Academy be your easy-to-access, off-the-shelf solution to support your interns with the workplace skills they truly need.